Ladies and gentlemen, watch out! This summer season you’ll encounter the true Thames Monster on the river. The real deal. It’s not a dragon, not a whale, not a dinosaur, not even an old chunk of wood, it’s a damn powerful boat, one of two Union Jack Boats cruising up and down the iconic river!

Introducing the Thames Monsta, the fastest premium jet boat in town, the Thames Monster everyone will be talking about.

thames monster thames monsta london union jack boat

Fast & furious (especially beyond Tower Bridge), the Thames Monsta is a mighty beast, to say the least. You’ll experience a pure adrenaline rush in perfect safety, thanks to our 1-meter+ high gunwales, which allow you to travel in style without wearing a lifejacket at all times (of course you’ll find one under each seat, just in case).

You’ll have plenty of space to walk around in the quietest sections of your trip, to spot a school of fish, a pair of dolphins, a herd of seals, a couple of RIBs or another Thames Monster. Who knows? You can already book your tickets to try to tame the Thames Monster between London Eye and Canary Wharf, multiples times a day.

You’ll have a blast!